Sample Bulletin

We at Redeemer Church seek to order our worship according to the commands of God and to offer Biblical worship as we pray, sing, and preach the Word of God during our services each week. The Regulative Principle, which we seek to follow, means that our conscience is bound by the Word of God to worship him as he commands us in his Word. Pastor Vance offers a fuller explanation of this principle in this helpful sermon.

Here is a sample bulletin, which will give you an idea of what to expect during our worship service.

    • You’re invited to join us here for our regular first-Sunday lunch immediately following morning worship.

    • The Lord’s Supper was given by Jesus Christ to his body, the church, to be a special means of grace and blessing. We ask therefore that only those who have made a public profession of faith in Christ and are members in good standing of a church eat and drink with us. And we warmly invite you to come to the Lord’s Table.